Monday, October 31, 2016

Fall Cue Reflection

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I had the most wonderful weekend of learning & leading at Fall CUE.

Friday started off fabulously with keynote speaker Dave Burgess. His excitement and enthusiasm set the tone for my entire weekend.  I now have the Pirate curse, as I can't think of any lessons without considering what it would look like with a mask and snorkel, or even better yet a scuba tank.  His personal examples of how he was able to create experiences with his students are engraved in my memory. It was a true pleasure to meet someone so passionate about creating memories in education. 

Later in the morning, I was able to share my excitement about BreakoutEDU by running a mini Breakout game and participating in a panel discussion about how we were able to bring Breakout to our district's teachers and students.  

The amazing Jon Corippo led a wonderful session based on redesigning the Madeline Hunter seven step lesson plan to engage students.  I came back with some awesome ideas to infuse Google Slides, the Frayer Model, and Pecha Flickr to create packaged learning for students.  Since it's all about reps, I need to get started soon. 

I've always been interested in the idea of Project-Based Learning and was able to attend an excellent session that included great planning sheets to get started.  Hearing it explained again, just after finishing GLAD training last week,  had my mind working overtime about ways to integrate the two.  

To end the conference, I was able to catch a session by "The Weird Teacher", Doug Robertson.  He had a great message about teacher mindset, ideas for flexible classroom arrangement and wonderful ideas about keeping the joy in our profession.  

I am back from the conference, busy as ever, but energized by being around so many teachers who love what they do and believe that kids deserve us at our best.

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