Sunday, November 29, 2015

Teacher Tools That I am Thankful For...

As my Thanksgiving vacation winds down, my thoughts focus on work and some of the teacher tools that I am most thankful for:
Google Classroom
Google Classroom allows teachers to create and push assignments to students paperlessly.  I love that I am able to view and comment on assignments from any device.  Google Drive organizes completed Google Classroom assignments in folders.
Google Documents
I have always admired how easy it is to use Google Docs, but with my recent introduction to HyperDocs, I have a new love for how powerful they can be in the classroom.  HyperDocs give teachers the ability to design a lesson that contains instructions, links, tasks, and many creative ways to get kids thinking.
Math Manipulatives
Last year I attended a wonderful math training in our district by Kim Sutton.  She introduced our group to many fun math tools that gamify the boring practice of learning math facts. Among my favorite were double dice, triple dice, place value dice and decahedron double dice.
Image result for double dice

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  1. Great job Knela! I had totally forgotten about the power of math manipulatives!